Ballet Project TV Digital Dance Content

How to join our Contest?

  1. Register on - Create a member account and profile
  2. Setup your profile with your preferred Social Media Links
  3. Join our “Ballet Project TV – Digital Dance Contest Activity Page.

Initial Submission Timeframe:
Start Date
: - Tuesday, July 7th

Submission Deadline – Friday- July 17th

Please submit your newly created, individual dance piece! We highly encourage each participant to submit new creative material set to your preferred music and in a scenic environment. Please bring your best efforts, best editing for movement and sound quality as we want to elevate the creative energies of your presentation.

This is a fun contest, we encourage each of you to enjoy the process of dancing again and creating new fun, fresh, and exciting content.

Here are the basic rules:

  1. Individual Dancing – time limit (3 minutes or less)
  2. You can submit up to 3 separate (3) minute videos and choose your best option
  3. High Quality, Quality Dancing, Quality Editing, and true to Ballet Professionalism.
  4. NO AGENDAS – this is about the beauty, quality, and inspiration of Ballet / Dance
  5. Please be sure to provide your Individual Instagram Account name.

Top 10 Selection Monday July 20th, 2020

We will review all the videos and come up with a Ballet Project TV “top ten” participants.

The top 10 entries will compete on Social Media (Instagram) as well our BPTV Site from July 20th to July 25th, 2020. BPTV will determine a winner, and will be announced on Monday July 27th, 2020

  1. The top 10 entries will be placed on the Ballet_Project_TV Instagram account individually and we will count the number of “Likes” each entry receives – (that will count as 50% of the final score)
  2. The other 50% score will be determined by Ballet Project TV Members to arrive at a final score.

The winner will receive “Ballet Project TV Featured Original Channel” for 6 months and a potential dance contract option with Ballet Project OC for our Summer 2020 Program and Charitable Event in Aug 2020.

Again, we highly encourage our participants to create their best work, best presentation, and adhere to the highest standards of Ballet & Contemporary Ballet. Each entry is to be created a new and current. We don’t want to see past performances in Theatres or in Studios. Please use a new environment, and outside canvas, and / or beautiful location for your new creative works. Present your best works similar the current Ballet Project TV trailer videos.

Note: We reserve to right to cancel this contest at any time for any reason. We have the right to refuse any material that is deemed un-professional to the standards of Ballet Professionalism. We reserve the right to refuse any content that has specific issues / controversial message.

Let’s have some fun and “Lets Dance!”

Thank you!

Ballet Project TV
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