Merchant Account Usage and Fee Schedule

Merchant Account Usage and Fee Schedule 6-03-2020

The Ballet Project TV Vendor Marketplace and Vendor dashboard are for the use of “members” of Ballet Project TV exclusively. Ballet Project TV is the primary merchant account for all transactions within each vendor and vendor marketplace.

The Vendor is responsible for all content, video content, products, services and any other items sold on the members Marketplace. Ballet Project TV is not responsible for customer service issues between buyer and seller, not responsible for shipping, postage, delivery and anything having to do with the members marketplace.

Ballet Project TV will support the setup, configuration, and support of our online vendor marketplace and assist with items of software support and customer service.

Member Agrees to the terms and conditions of the Ballet Project TV site and the Privacy Policies on our “About Us” web page.

Here is the list of fees that Ballet Project TV will charge the member for using our Vendor Marketplace:

Individual Transactions – 10% of all transaction and Ballet Project TV pays the transaction fee of roughly 3% from the use of our Pay Pal Merchant Account

Affiliate Vendor Items – If the member uses the BPTV Vendor Marketplace for solely affiliate product sales. (This is where the products are re-directed to another website for transactional processing) We have a flat fee based upon the number of products listed.

1 – 50 items = $9.99 per month on a monthly recurring payment / invoice

51 to 250 items = $14.99 per month on a monthly recurring payment / invoice 251 to 500 items = $39.95 per month (same as above)

501 to 999 items = $69.95 per month (same as above)

Unlimited Items = $99.95 per month (same as above)

Note: There is not “contract term” all vendor can use the “Marketplace” on a month to month basis, but a 30 day notice of change or cancellation would be required.