Freaks with Lines – Nilus Cogus – September 13th 2021



Nilus Cogus Premiere Date – September 13th – 12am

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Nilus Cogus is a contemporary piece about alienation that elucidates how we are all cogs inside of a machine that is itself being manipulated by some greater phenomenon.

Despite whether we believe it or not, are aware or unaware we are all simply pawns of this unknowable phenomenon.

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Monologue: Jacqueline Valmont

Dancers: Michelle Lebowski, Sofia Rochin, Breanne Wilson, Ottavio Taddei, AJ Abrams, Susan Vismid, and Dillon Zamora (understudy)

Directed by: Sadie Black

Executive Producer: Susan Vishmid

Co-Producers: Sadie Black & Eric Friedlander

Choreography: Susan Vishmid & Sadie Black

Film and Editing: Meryl Coker

Original Music: Matthew Young

Original Costumes: Tiffany Smith of Supuhrdesigns


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