Our mission is simple, to preserve and nurture classical dance by collaborating with various artists, dancers and non-dancers, to produce work that subverts traditional norms often associated with the ballet world.

Our vision is clear, to give ballet a voice and the chance at achieving longevity in the post-postmodern world by unifying and enabling classically trained artists. 

Freaks With Lines® (FWL) is a Los Angeles based dance project created by Susan Vishmid that serves as a platform to showcase both independent and collaborative works between professional dancers and other creatives in various disciplines. Dancers are FREAKS who live, eat and breathe to create LINES and ultimately scrutinize those creations. Dance is a self serving art form… 

Freak Talk: Trilogy. A live panel discussion with the creative minds behind Freaks With Lines latest release Trilogy of Relations

Freaks With Lines® are the creators and the consumers of our own art.

Trilogy of Relations Performance from Feb 14th, 2021 2pm is available for viewing

Tickets can be purchased at the following link

Trilogy of Relations

Presented through the lens of ballet, Trilogy of Relations is an exposition on three different iterations of love. Freaks With Lines® dancers entice us into three pas de deux playing on themes of elation, manipulation and flirtation.

Filmed in the gritty, concrete-ensconced core of Downtown Los Angeles, Trilogy of Relations exemplifies Freaks With Lines' unique ability to produce raw and engaging performances anywhere, anytime. In typical Freak fashion we continue creating and consuming our beloved craft while tempting you the voyeur to accept the invitation to experience our work.

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The Freak Chronicles Part 1: Not Everyone Can Be Like Us

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Freaks with Lines - Introduction

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