When our guest on today's episode of Ballet to Business, Jordan Fry, revealed that one luxury wedding cake she had been working on took her 70 hours to complete in a week, my jaw was on the ground.

Now the time it takes to create a stunning work of edible art also caught Jordan a bit off guard at the beginning. Once she became known as the ‘baker’ at Ballet West, where she currently dances, requests for wedding cakes started rolling in.

And as Jordan continued to get more and more requests, her husband, Adrian, couldn't help but notice she was pouring countless hours into baking and encouraged her to start adequately charging for her time. It was in that moment that they both decided Jordan needed to turn her hobby into a business. Thus Ballerina Baker was born!

In Part 1: Jordan and I discuss two moments in her career as a corps de ballet member with Ballet West where she had to make a pivot that caused her to grow in tremendous ways.

Featured on Episode 012 of the Ballet to Business Podcast

In Part 2: Jordan shares how the current pandemic affected her original plans to create wedding cakes for her clients this summer. However, with the time Jordan has been given, she's worked on expanding her blog & recipe tutorials on her YouTube as well as taken on some exciting projects she hadn't seen coming!

Featured on Episode 012 of the Ballet to Business Podcast