As a Southern California native, Jordan was exposed to classical ballet at the tender of age of 3. But it wasn’t until she was 8 years old that she truly committed myself to training, which later allowed her the opportunity to move to San Francisco at 16 to join the San Francisco Ballet School’s Trainee Program.

After becoming a professional with the San Francisco Ballet and dancing as a corps de ballet member for 7 seasons, Jordan and her husband, Raymond Tilton, moved to the East Bay in 2017 to continue dancing for a smaller company, Diablo Ballet, as well as transition into more teaching.

The life of a professional ballet dancer may appear glamorous! Alas, with beauty, there’s also sacrifice and pain. After persevering through many seasons of injury, one of her worst accidents happened in February of 2019, causing her to undergo surgery. 

However, it was through that season of not being able to dance, that the thought, “Well, what CAN I do?” helped her grow.

Through her recovery, she created Ballet to Business, a podcast where both current and former ballet dancers share how the character traits and experiences they’ve gained from ballet help them in life & business today! 

On the Ballet to Business show on BPTV, Jordan has invited back former guests of the podcast to talk about how they’ve grown through facing unexpected changes, during both their time in ballet as well as in their businesses today. 

Ballet to Business – Episode 5 – Lucky Leo – Part 2

In Part 2 with Chelsea Early & Heather Walker of Luckyleo Dancewear, hear how the pandemic hit right at the time when they were about to move into their new workspace! And how they navigated the challenges of not only working from home for a season, but learning how to make masks for their community & the health care workers on the front lines. At the end of this video, look forward to a virtual tour of their new space to see their printers, cutting tables, fabric racks, and more!

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Ballet to Business – Episode 5 – Lucky Leo – Part 1

In Part 1, hear how the founders of Luckyleo Dancewear, Chelsea Early & Heather Walker, navigated the physical and psychological challenges they faced during their careers as professional ballet dancers. And how through those challenges, they were able to gain a clearer perspective to the beauty of the art form as a whole.

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Ballet to Business – Episode 4 – Diana Albrecht – Part 2

Diana shares how she managed the unexpected change of navigating her business through the pandemic and how she became incredibly resourceful in order to fulfill the mission of her business in helping others.

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Ballet to Business – Episode 4 – Diana Albrecht – Part 1

Diana and I discuss her pathway from training in Paraguay, to landing a professional contract with the Washington Ballet. When Diana later moved on to dance for Boston Ballet, she shares a story of how she persevered through a challenging time of injury and how she became stronger as a person because of it.

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Ballet to Business – Episode 3 – Jordan Fry - Part 2

Jordan shares how the current pandemic affected her original plans to create wedding cakes for her clients this summer. However, with the time Jordan has been given, she's worked on expanding her blog & recipe tutorials on her YouTube as well as taken on some exciting projects she hadn't seen coming!

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