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Dates: May 16th  2021

Official Trailer

Ballet Etudes presents The Jungle Book, the beloved tale of Mowgli and his many adventures in the jungles of India. Mowgli (Autrina Kasravi) is abandoned as a baby as Messua (Sierra Woolums), the village mother, is chased from her home by the evil Shere Khan (Lyla Davey). Found by the friendly panther, Bahgeera (Jeslyn Russell), Mowgli is taken to Wolf Mother, Raksha (Grace Ng), to be raised with her Wolf Cubs as his brothers and sisters (Makayla Arakaki, Laci Ganier and Ella Glenn). When Shere Khan returns looking for Mowgli, Raksha and Bagheera agree it’s time for Mowgli to return to the village of men and so they set off through the jungle. Along the way, Mowgli meets Baloo (Kristin Hagen), the blue bear, and Baloo and Bagheera work to protect Mowgli in the jungle from the evil Shere Khan, Kaa (Lily Kurimoto), the python, and Queen Lou (Madison Ishii), the Bandar-log monkey and her monkey scout, Flunkey (Sophia Cardenas). Mowgli also meets a platoon of baby elephants lead by Colonel Hathi (Julie Kurimoto) and Lieutenant Winifred (Grace Hager) and narrowly escapes a raging fire started by The Flame (Isabella Graves). Mowgli eventually returns to the human village where Messua, the village mother welcomes him with open arms. 

This 60-minute adaptation of The Jungle Book is presented under the artistic direction of Sasha Robertson and Assistant Directors, Bridgette Burnett and Madison Simons. Kimberly McEachern is Managing Director with additional choreography by Jessica Austin, Gary Joyce, Melody Plastow, Megan Pulfer, Kelly Sanford and Kennedi Simons. All footage was filmed at the Rose Center Theater in Westminster, CA. 

May 16th

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